Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ferrari want Jules Bianchi to move into a midfield team for 2014

Bianchi at the Young Drivers Test
Nicholas Todt, the manager of rookie of the year Jules Bianchi, has said that Ferrari want the young driver to join a midfield team for next year.

Ferrari have been supplying Sauber with engines since 1997 (except for when the team was owned by BMW 2005-2009) and Ferrari have in the past placed their young proteges in the midfield team to hone their racing skills. Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez got to cut their teeth in the Sauber before moving up the field. While Massa went on to race for Ferrari, Perez was picked up by McLaren.

Privateer run Swiss team Sauber has been going through some financial difficulties and are being rescued by a group of Russian companies which has opened the doors for 
young rookie Sergey Sirotkin for a racing seat next year. 

Sauber could very well renew or even strengthen its deal with Ferrari for 2014, by giving the second race seat to Bianchi who has proved himself in his rookie year in Formula 1, driving for backmarkers Marussia.

“Despite the fact that he is with a small team,” he said, “it would be fair to say that Jules has already made a name for himself in F1.

“Others have rarely managed to achieve this,” said Todt.

“Ferrari is closely watching the results as they want him to pursue his career in one of the teams in the middle group, before joining the Scuderia one day,” he added.
Speed Week has helped fan the flame after it spotted Nicolas Todt in conversation with Sauber chiefs at Spa-Francorchamps.

Ferrari, however, is not commenting.

“In the next few races,” said team boss Stefano Domenicali, “we will try to improve the car to give Fernando the conditions to fight for the title, and also so that Felipe can deliver performances to help the team.

“These are our goals,” he is quoted by ESPN. “The rest does not matter now.”


  1. Well I can see why they would want him - Bianchi is one of the best drivers around! Or he was, anyway.

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