Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hungarian GP Preview - Red Bull


What’s your favourite part of the track and why?
The favourite part of the circuit for me is after the top chicane, the left right, it’s the middle sector basically, which is really rewarding. It’s quite nice to put a Formula One car on the limit through there because it’s quite challenging for the driver.

What are your memories of your first ever race there?
My first ever race there was 1998 with the Mercedes sportscar, where we won the race. The Hungaroring has been a good circuit for me over the years and I have picked up a lot of points there, including my F1 win in 2010.


What are your feelings ahead of the next race in Hungary?
We had two exciting races where tyres played an important role. This will be our first race back on the 2012 tyres and we will see how they respond to the demands of the long corners and high track temperature.

What are your memories of your first ever race there?
Hungry has some interesting memories for me. It was my first F1 race with the Red Bull family; let’s hope I can add to my memories by winning there for the first time before I go on holiday.

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