Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's eating Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is not usually dejected by a front row start or a finish on the bottom step of the podium. Of course all the top drivers want the win more than a losers trophy, but considering Lewis Hamilton wasn't expecting a great start to his career with the Silver Arrows we are wondering why the lad had such a pained expression all through his weekend in Canada.

There has been chatter of a rift with Mercedes, but the Briton shot that down saying that he simply has "stuff" on his mind and has admitted he is not very happy that he has not yet scored his first win for the team.

Hamilton managed to finish the Canadian Grand Prix ahead of his team mate, the winner at Monaco, Nico Rosberg, so beating his team mate didn't really do too much for him. He did have a Kimi esque moment during the race when he snapped at his race engineer while receiving info on his tyre wear.
“Please just let me drive, man,” the 2008 World Champion snapped.

Hamilton downplayed his reaction saying it did not indicate any tension within the team, but simply the stress of being chased down by Alonso.

“Being hunted down by Fernando (Alonso) is like being chased by a bull and so I just didn’t need anyone in my ear when I was already at the maximum I could go at,” he said.

His disappointment after just missing out on pole on Saturday was all the more inexplicable.

“I don’t settle for anything but the best and wins; I still haven't got a win, Nico has won a race, so I need to get a win,” he said.

“What I'm projecting is not disappointment, I've just got stuff on my mind.”

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