Friday, June 14, 2013

Pirelli tyre compounds for Silverstone, Germany and Hungary

Pirelli has announced that they will be sticking to the original compounds and no changes will be made to the tyre compounds and specifications for the rest of 2013. This is mainly due to the fact that many teams (Ferrari, Lotus, Force India) have been strongly against the change which was seen as a move to placate Red Bull and Mercedes who were using the media to force Pirelli's hand. 

Instead Pirelli have supposedly made a slight change in the tyre production process which should now prevent the delamination issue. Pirelli have announced the compounds that will be bringing to the next three grands prix in Great Britain, Germany and Hungary. 

To tackle the high speed corners and high energy demands of SIlverstone, Pirelli have announced that they will be bringing their Hard and Medium tyres, the two hardest compounds in Pirelli’s range. We can expect to see two stops for a majority of the grid with the brave going for one stop.

For Germany Pirelli have chosen the Soft and Medium compounds. The Nürburgring is a circuit with varied speeds and corners, plus heavy braking areas. The asphalt is not very abrasive, so the cars will require plenty of mechanical grip from the tyres. Combined with the often very variable weather conditions, this makes the soft and medium compounds the best options for this circuit.

For Hungary Pirelli will bring the Hard and Medium compounds. Hungary is the slowest permanent track on the calendar but it still places a lot of demands on the tyres due to its twisty layout, which means that the tyres move around much more than on a fast and flowing track. This combined with often high ambient temperatures make the hard and medium compounds the best choice for this track, given that this year’s compounds are softer than last year’s range across the board.

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