Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Todt trying to push out Charlie Whiting?

Auto Motor und Sport has reported that FIA race director Charlie Whiting's job might be in jeopardy after he supposedly told Ross Brawn that the secret Barcelona test would not be a breach of regulations. 

According to reports FIA president Jean Todt might be pushing to replace him with Giorgio Ascanelli, what was Toro Rosso's technical director in the not so distant past.

When asked, a senior voice in the paddock replied saying, “ That (replacing Whiting) would be the most stupid thing Todt could do. Charlie has the most difficult job in the world, and he does it well.”

With Charlie being one of the most respected figures in Formula 1, it is unlikely that these rumours could actually see fruition.

The most obvious fall out of the whole testgate saga according to the paddock is that Mercedes will be found guilty and penalised in some manner.

“I don’t know whether Mercedes will have points deducted or Ross Brawn will lose his job, but I do think there will be penalties because something was not quite right,” Eddie Jordan said on Servus TV.

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