Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pirelli not to race new tyres in Canada

AUTOSPORT has reported that Pirelli will supply teams with the modified 2013 rear tyres only for Friday practice at Montreal instead of supplying them for the whole race weekend. 

A Pirelli spokesperson confirmed that the modified version of the rear tyres will have a kevlar belt, just like they did in 2012, instead of the steel belts used in the 2013 tyres.

Two sets of the new spec tyres will be given to each team for evaluation during Friday practice, in the hope that the teams can come to a consensus of using these tyres from the British Grand Prix onwards.

They had initially planned to use the new spec tyres for the entire weekend at Canada, but couldn't manage to muster unanimous support for the decision.

Pirelli hopes the teams will be happier after they test the changes on the tyres, especially after the uproar against the secret Pirelli / Mercedes test in Spain.

"We'll be bringing two sets per team for Friday practice with a view to implementing the new rear tyres in Silverstone," a spokesperson told AUTOSPORT.

"As the regulations allow for this and for reasons of sporting equity, we think that this is the best way forward."

"We want to get rid of the delamination that we found is debris-induced and creates a weak spot and overheating," said Hembery of the changes.

"We believe the solution we have will completely resolve that."

Pirelli also revealed that the operating window of the new spec tyres has dropped by 5.110 degrees and some experts believe that will help in reducing the risk of a repeat of the four-stop strategies seen in Barcelona. 

With no decision from the FIA tribunal yet on the tyregate saga, the big teams might not be too keen on accepting the new tyres unless they get the extra 1000 km testing that Mercedes managed with their 2013 car. 

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