Thursday, May 9, 2013

Penalty points for Formula 1 moves a step closer

The introduction of the experimental penalty points system that Charlie Whiting talked about has been discussed further and team bosses have agreed on a basic structure for the system, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

The plan to penalise drivers based on a predetermined points table for various infractions was supported by seven of the eleven team principals and will now be considered by the FIA for implementation. The drivers indulging in the misdemeanour will continue to collect points until they reach at least 12, at which time they receive a race ban.

Existing penalties will remain in place so a driver who was given a grid drop for impeding a driver would also receive the penalty points for the infrraction.

The following misdemeanours would incur the following points penalties:

Infraction                                                                                Points
Race Ban                                                                                    5
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by more than 20kph          3
Caused a dangerous collision                                                       3
Ignored the black flag                                                                 3
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by 10-20kph                     2
Caused a collision                                                                       2
Dangerously impeded another driver                                            2
Dangerously forced another driver off the track                            2
Drove too quickly in a yellow or red flag situation                         2
Ignored the blue flag                                                                   2
False start                                                                                  2
Overtook the Safety Car                                                              2
Exceeded the Safety Car delta time                                             2
Dangerous exit from a pit stop                                                    2
Ignored the weigh station during qualifying                                  2
Missed the drivers’ briefing or arrived late                                  1
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by up to 10kph                 1
Impeded another driver                                                              1
Forced another driver off the track                                             1
Gained an advantage by leaving the track                                   1
Crossed the white line at the pit lane exit                                   1
Ignored the red light at the pit lane exit                                     1
Overtook another car under the Safety Car                                 1
Failed to maintain correct distance to the Safety Car                  1

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