Thursday, May 9, 2013

Formula 1 teams vote against increased testing

Jules Bianchi during the Young guns test
Formula 1 teams have voted against extra in-season testing, after a meeting of the Sporting Working Group yesterday.

In a vote where all Ferrari engined teams for 2014 supported the return of testing, the rest of the teams were all against the idea. With Toro Rosso being keen on switching to Renault power for next year, they also voted with their sister team against the motion, while Marussia, who are expected to use the new 2014 engines manufactured by Ferrari voted along with the Italian marquee.

With Ferrari being the only team that owns its own test tracks, Mugello and Fiorano, they were keen to see more days allotted for testing. The opportunities to allow young drivers to get a chance to gain mileage were one of the positives that Ferrari tried to enunciate on the rest of the group. 

According to James Allen, sources in the F1 paddock suggest that the story is not over. At present the process of setting in stone the rules and regulations is unclear as the Concorde Agreement has not been signed from 2013 onwards.

In-season testing was slashed in 2008 and fully banned under the Resource Restriction Agreement, which was brought into force for the 2009 season.

The only exemption was the three day Young Guns test, which gives drivers who have not competed in a Grand Prix a chance to drive an F1 car. Last year the Young Guns test was spread out between Mugello, Silverstone and Abu Dhabi, with some teams wanting to test closer to home to keep the costs down.

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