Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All F1 teams were warned in 2012 that in-season testing was not allowed

According to a report in AUTOSPORT, Mercedes AMG Petronas were categorically informed by e-mail last year that under the Formula 1 regulations there was no chance for any private in-season testing.
Addressed to all the teams, the FIA and Pirelli and written by the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA), the email makes it clear that a tyre test can only take place if there is unanimous support among the teams.

A copy of the email, which was addressed to all the teams, Pirelli and the FIA, has been seen by AUTOSPORT. It reportedly states that following discussions and clarifications received from the FIA, it is clear that in-season tyre testing for Pirelli by a single team cannot take place.

"However there are no provisions within the Sporting Regulations for such testing to take place in-season."Pirelli is entitled under the terms of their agreement with the FIA to offer teams 1000km of tyre testing, subject to each team being treated equally," said the email.

"[FOTA has] spoken with Charlie [Whiting] to confirm the process going forward, and there are two options: 1. ALL teams want to take up Pirelli's offer and this is communicated to the FIA who will amend the Sporting Regulations; or 2. The test takes place out of season (and then the testing agreement comes into play)."

The clarification received from FOTA was effected by an e-mail from Pirelli, in which they wrote to the teams explaining that there was the possibility for 1000km of testing, and a subsequent offer of the same was made thereof.

It was in this letter, sent by Pirelli to the teams, Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA, that the initial offer for teams to take part in such a test was made.

"Within our agreement with the FIA there is a provision to invite all teams to perform 1000km of tyre testing," wrote Pirelli motorsport chief Paul Hembery.

"If this is something your team would be interested in pursuing, please advise your interest so an eventual test date could be set. We would provide the track and service support."

Mercedes is adamant that it had more recent authority from the FIA to run its 2013 car at the Barcelona test, which took place in the week after the Spanish Grand Prix.

However, a statement issued by the FIA on Sunday night suggested that its approval for the test was conditional on all teams being invited to take part, and the car being run by Pirelli rather than Mercedes.

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