Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why does the Lotus F1 team use it tyres better than most?

2010 Renault Formula 1 R20
2013 Pirelli test car, the Renault R20 (2010 challenger)
Some Formula 1 pundits, including Dr. Helmut Marko have suggested that Pirelli’s 2013 tyres suit the E21 best of all, because the R30 and Lotus’ 2013 machine share the same basic design philosophy.

After Pirelli put it outdated 2009 Toyota test car to pasture it has been developing the tyres for Formula 1 on a 2010 Renault R30 which was built by the (current) Lotus team at Enstone for the 2010 season, when it was the Renault works team.

“It’s obvious that the Pirelli tyres are designed for this type of car. 
The Lotus of today has the same DNA., "Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko said last month.

Former Williams driver Alexzander Wurz, however, thinks that argument is invalid.

“Each team could have made a test car available to Pirelli. But no one else wanted to. I don’t think they (Lotus) get a benefit" ,said Wurz.

“These are standard tyres; everyone has the same number of tests, the same amount of time to adjust to them and develop. They’re all dealing with the same problem, which is trying to outsmart the competition and find an advantage. 
It’s an opportunity, not a disadvantage.”

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