Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stewards to issue fewer penalties in the 2013 F1 season

It has been reported by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, that the FIA race stewards at races this year will impose lesser penalties than in the past to encourage drivers to race with each other and not be afraid that every touch will be penalised. 

This decision was apparently agreed upon to spice up the action in a secret meeting over the winter break, and the meeting with FIA president Jean Todt was attended by drivers including world champion Sebastian Vettel, team managers, Charlie Whiting and stewards.

“Has it been noticed?” wrote correspondent Michael Schmidt. “The drivers are being punished much less.”

Scmidt reported that the outcome of the pre-season meeting was that stewards should be more lenient when it comes to applying penalties for on-track scraps, in order to entice the drivers to take more risks in the heat of exciting wheel-to-wheel battles.

Schmidt said it is undeniable that there have been “surprisingly few” drive through and grid penalties so far in 2013 as the result of obvious incidents.

“It has made the racing better,” he wrote.

“You can feel that the drivers have more confidence. Rarely have we seen as much die-hard, wheel-to-wheel battles as we saw in Bahrain,” added Schmidt. (GMM)

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