Monday, April 1, 2013

Red Bull told Mark Webber to cut more power than Vettel in Malaysia

According to an interview with Bernie Ecclestone in a British daily, Red Bull have confirmed that Vettel was not instructed to reduce the power on his engine to the same level as Mark at the Malaysian GP last weekend. The energy drinks company has said that Webber had been told to turn down his engine setting to ensure he did not experience a mechanical mishap. It was presumed that Vettel had received the same instruction on the orders of team principal Christian Horner. 

Bernie Ecclestone, in an interview with The Mail on Sunday after the race had said, 'After speaking with Christian, it seems Mark was told to turn down the wick on his engine, but the team didn't tell Sebastian to do the same thing.'

A Red Bull spokesperson has also now mentioned that, "Seb's engine was turned down, but not as much as Mark's due to differing strategies and tyre wear."

Bernie last week revealed that, had the Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz not offered the Australian first refusal on keeping his drive out of loyalty when Webber had been talking with Ferrari, it could have been Hamilton with the Red Bull wings and not Webber. 

Ecclestone went on to say that, "I wouldn't say that Mark was an out and out, 100 per cent Red Bull guy when he was looking to leave the team. If he'd have got the drive with Ferrari, he'd have gone. He was lucky to stay, in my opinion. There's never been any trust between Webber and Vettel, they're not bosom buddies,' added Ecclestone."

Webber has spent the last week back home while the 25-year-old triple world champion was at Red Bull's HQ in Milton Keynes to apologise to the workforce. With Webber feeling "Multi-21'd", him staying at Red Bull beyond 2013 seems highly unlikely.

'It can only be a distraction and energy-sapping,' said a team insider.
However, Webber is not entirely blameless. In the past, he has shown an unwillingness to follow team orders, with Silverstone 2011 and most recently in Brazil 2012 being prime examples.

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