Monday, April 29, 2013

Kubica confirms drive in Mercedes F1 simulator

According to reports in motorsport journal Autosport, Robert Kubica has confirmed reports that he visited the Mercedes AMG Petronas factory at Brackley to drive their Formula 1 simulator. The Pole is currently driving in the Eurpoean Rally Championship for the Citroen team. 

Kubica, speaking to Autosport at the Rally Azores this weekend, said that he did not want to comment any further on it, but wanted to confirm that he had in fact driven the simulator.

"I can say yes, I was there," he said. "But I cannot say how many times or how many laps I did. But there is this rumour to which I say, yes, I was in the Mercedes F1 simulator in the past."

New Mercedes sporting boss Toto Wolff has a strong relationship with Kubica and helped arrange a DTM test for him in February. The test left many speculating that Kubica could end up returning to circuit racing sooner rather than later, but were disappointed when he confirmed his entry in the European Rally Championship instead.

However, the test with Mercedes resulted in Wolff saying that if Kubica ever wants to return to circuit racing, he would "love to work with him".

Kubica was not giving much away on what transpired during his visit to Brackley, but he did respond to reports that placed him at the Heathrow airport on his way to the Silver Arrows factory.

When asked if he will drive there again, Kubica said: "Maybe, I don't know.

"But it's not that every time someone sees me at Heathrow airport I am going to Mercedes.

"I am also at Heathrow for different reasons, it doesn't always have to be a connection with that."

Much to the delight of a lot of fans, Kubica recently revealed that his injuries have recovered to the point where he would be able to drive a Formula 1 car on certain tracks already. 

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