Thursday, April 11, 2013

"I don't apologise for winning" - Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 world champion, has clarified that his apology to Red Bull for ignoring team orders at the Malaysian Grand Prix did not mean that he was sorry for winning the race.

“I told the team straight after that ‘I apologise for putting myself above the team which I didn’t mean to do. There’s not much more to say really."

"I don’t apologise for winning. I think that’s why people employed me in the first place and why I’m here. I love racing so that’s what I do." ,the 25-year-old German said in an interview this week.

Vettel said the Multi-21 saga had taken attention away from what was a great one-two result for the team in Malaysia.

“Unfortunately, people didn’t say that we performed well on the day,” he said. “As a team I think we did a very good job and got a fantastic result.

“The whole race I think we worked excellently well with the tyres etc so I think that’s what people forgot. Obviously, what stuck in their heads was the way the race ended.”

Vettel and Webber were told to hold position after the final pit stop, in Malaysia, to ensure they could make the tyres last till the end. Vettel went on to win the race after ignoring team orders, but apologised to Webber and the entire team after the race, stating that he had misunderstood the instruction and that he had made a huge mistake that he would like to change if he could.

Vettel and Webber have had many close calls, but the 2010 race in Turkey had the two of them actually touch and spoiling what was a sure shot one-two finish for the team. The result was a retirement for Vettel and a third place for Webber.

When asked about what he was looking forward to in China, the German said, “We learned quite a bit from the first two races. China will be different again… I think we are still in the learning process.”

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