Monday, April 1, 2013

Dupont F1 for 2014?

Late last night Pedro De La Rosa tweeted the link to a page called www.dupontf1,com. Considering he posted it a few hours before the 1st of April we are inclined to believe him.

Dupont F1 has claimed to have the money in place to fight with the big names of Formula One and we have learnt that they have been carrying out a covert recruitment drive of top technical personnel over the past six months. Respected motorsport publication, AUTOSPORT has reported that about 20 staff are already on board and the team is expanding fast with a full design team expected to be in place by Octover 2013.

The project is spearheaded by Vincent Dupont, a 50-year-old French businessman and entrepreneur from the cosmetics and luxury brand industry. AUTOSPORT has mentioned that Dupont F1 is in the final stages of negotiation with a major supercar manufacturer to become a partner in the team. We at F1 Asphalt believe that it could be one of the VW brands (Proche / Audi) which were rumoured to have had talks with the Sauber team sometime last year. With the move to 1.6 L turbo engines making the sport more relevant to their road car business, it looks like the number of manufacturers in the sport could only go up.

The driver line-up is expected to feature an ex-world champion and a promising rookie. Villeneuve was pitching himself to drive for a team with Stephan GP in 2010, but missed out as the team could not manage to get a late entry. Dupont F1 intends to register as a French team, but it is currently evaluating locations for a suitable UK base.

Presentation of the Dupont F1 team is due to take place online at at 16:25 (IST).

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