Saturday, April 27, 2013

2015 Thai F1 GP proposed track layout gets the green light

Thai government officials have approved the proposed route for the track that will host the 2015 Formula 1 Thailand Grand Prix.

According to the Bangkok Post, the 5.995 km track was approved by the Thailand Sports Authority governor Kanokphand Chulakase and will traverse the streets around the Grand Palace.
The start-finish straights and the pit-paddock are will overlook the Chao Phraya River. “We may be able to build the main stands in the river,” said Chulakase, “It would also be convenient for transportation of equipment.” A total seating capacity for up to 150,000 spectators is planned around the course of the proposed track.

The layout of the proposed first night Grand Prix in Thailand will require formal approval from the FIA before the race takes place in two years’ time. 

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