Friday, March 29, 2013

Vettel apologises to everyone at Milton Keynes

Happier times at Red Bull
World champion Sebastian Vettel is supposed to have apologised to the entire staff of Red Bull Racing at Milton Keynes for his actions last Sunday which saw him win the controversial Malaysian Grand Prix. In an effort to conserve fuel and the unpredictable Pirelli's of 2013 both cars were ordered to turn down their engines and finish in their respective positions after the final pitstop.

In an interview to Reuters, Christian Horner said of Vettel, who visited the team HQ at Milton Keynes on Tuesday, “He’s said he can’t turn back the clock but he’s accepted what he did was wrong, He’s apologised to the team and to every single member of staff for his actions, because he recognises the team is vitally important and being part of the team is a crucial aspect to being able to challenge for those championships.” Vettel and Webber are also reported to have spoken to each other after the uncomfortable press conferences at the Grand Prix and the pair have shaken hands and supposedly buried the hatchet.

“It was the intent of the team that Mark should win that race. He’s big enough to know that there was no malice, no intent from the team to create any situation like that. He’s in a car that’s capable of winning grands prix and hopefully going for a championship so I’ve got no doubt that Mark will see out the season with us.” ,said Horner, in an effort to end doubts about Webber quitting mid season. But the question of where he will end up next year, or if he he is going to pull a "Casey Stoner" is still up for speculation.

When asked about team orders and the effect it had on the sport, Horner replied saying that he recognised that the fans wanted to see drivers racing each other but his responsibilities were to the 600 people employed by the team and whose bonuses are dictated by the position in the constructors’ championship.

“The responsibility is to make sure that the team achieves its maximum,” he said

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  1. The most exciting moments of the race were undoubtedly two talented drivers in similar cars duelling. Team Orders are a blight in motor sports. They were banned at one point and should be again.