Monday, March 18, 2013

Perez conversation with Ferrari revealed

2012 Malaysia podium
Sergio Perez has made public some interesting conversations he had with the famous Italian marque. The ex-Sauber driver had very close links with Ferrari due to the fact that they were the engine suppliers to his former team Sauber, and the fact that they took him under their wings and made him a part of their driver development academy (FDA).

While being interviewed by Spanish sports newspaper Marca, he was asked if he saw any difference while looking into his rear view mirrors and seeing Vettel or Alonso, this is what he had to say, "In my case no. I make no distinction between them. Last year, when I was communicating with Ferrari, they often asked me to take care of Alonso, but I don't know if they asked just me or the whole grid."

It was always knows that Ferrari used everything in their arsenal to try and gain an advantage for their drivers, but this is the first time a driver has come forward and revealed that the team asked him to try and give one of their drivers safe passage if he was coming from behind or was being overtaken.

Whether he read into the request as meaning to just give up a place whenever the need arose or not, the fact that Sergio overtook Alonso in Monza 2012 to take the second place on the podium made his intentions quite clear, he is here to race. When asked if leaving the Ferrari family could be a missed opportunity, he said, "No. It's an experience that led me to a better place. I'm happy at McLaren. I hope to stay here for many years, maybe my entire career."

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  1. is perez just frustrated that his car sucks? what is he going to get about reveling things like this..