Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hamilton can now keep his trophies and helmets

Helmets on display at McLaren
One of the sticking points in Lewis Hamilton's contract with McLaren was that the team would keep all his trophies and helmets. This has always been the policy of the McLaren team, one that is mentioned in the drivers contracts. The trophies from wins or podium finishes along with helmets of all the winning drivers are on display at the McLaren Technology centre.

Many pundits of course are of the opinion that the financials of the deal were better for Hamilton at Mercedes, but he has insisted that this was also a very strong reason in him making the decision to leave his first home in Formula 1. In a recent interview to the Express newspaper he jokes saying, "The question is do we get trophies in 2013. Great I get to keep my trophies, oh shoot, I don't have any."

Trophies on display at McLaren
"It was a small thing, but small things matter, like helmets. It has my sweat, blood and tears in it so that is why I want to keep that. Now I keep them, and my trophies are my trophies."

"I have come from a place with a lot of control, a really controlled environment where you are restricted to do and say what you are told. By the end of 2012, once I had made my decision to leave McLaren I was able to loosen up and put on the performances I put on." (GMM)

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