Monday, March 11, 2013

Drivers quotes - Ferrari must focus on the 2013 car till the very end

Image courtesy Scuderia Ferrari
All major teams have split their focus for the year and set up two different design teams working on their 2013 and 2014 cars respectively. There will be some teams who, mid season, will shift all their resources on their 2014 challengers. But teams with even the slightest chance of a shot at this years title will have to push right till the very end. 2012 saw Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren pushing development upto the last race as they were all fighting for something or the other. Red Bull and Ferrari were in the hunt for the drivers championship, while Ferrari and McLaren were fighting it out for second place in the the constructors battle.

Image courtesy Scuderia Ferrari
Fernando Alonso believes that Ferrari are going to have to fight till the very end this year as well and hopes they do not encounter a situation where they are so far behind that they will have to pour all their resources into 2014. In a team interview, he said, "It is important to come to the middle of the season and have a certain gap that is better than other seasons, because, in 2014 cars will change dramatically. It will be difficult to come to the middle part of the season and give up. That will only happen if you are 50 or 60 points behind the leader."

He added saying, "That is something we don't wish to contemplate, and if we do come to that point then it will be better to concentrate on 2014. But I don't think we will go that way. To be 20 or 30 points ahead, or 20 or 30 points behind, it forces you to continue fighting because there will be more than seven races to go."

"Last year Sebastain Vettel was 45 points behind in July and he won the championship, so you have to fight with what you have. On top of that, you cannot test anything on the 2013 car that will be useful for the 2014 season. You cannot use Friday's to test the turbo (engines), so you will need to continue working on the 2013 season."

Image courtesy Scuderia Ferrari
Felipe Massa who fought for the 2008 championship upto the very bitter end of the last race, shares Alonso's feelings and said that, "This is another championship where you need to do everything you can to be in front. The only thing that has changed for next year is that if you get to the middle of the championship and you see you a big, big difference on the negative side then you need to work on next year's car. But if you are competitive then you need to fight until the end. We know how important it is to fight for the championship. We need to do everything we can for that, but if we get to a point where there are no possibilities for that anymore, then we can concentrate on next year's car.

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