Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alonso, The Samurai, takes a swing at Red Bull

Image courtesy Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso has just had another go at Red Bull , and this time he has pointed out to the fact that Sebastian Vettel has had to fight till the very last race, for two of his three championships, with a much superior car. It is widely agreed that Alonso has performed way above the competitiveness of his machinery in all of his three years at the Maranello squad, while Red Bull have made their lives quite difficult even though they had a car that was one second faster than the competition.

While being interviewed by El Pais newspaper, Alonso says, "I'm not asking for a car one second faster than them, but one with which we can fight. Red Bull has won two of their titles in the last race, and that was with a car that was a second faster than the rest. Making the most of what they have is not one of their virtues."

In an interview after the race at Melbourne he was heard saying, "It is usually the same: first and second in qualifying and then something always happening. Sometimes the start, sometimes reliability, sometimes the tyres. Red Bull is the quickest car at the moment, first and second in qualifying, first and second in practice, nearly, and then in the race they saw a little bit of degradation. But that doesn't mean that they are not the fastest."

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  1. did he also lose his 90+ points lead last year because of red bull and vettel?