Monday, February 25, 2013

Williams to change exhaust layout

Williams technical director Mike Coughlan, who strongly believed that the new Willams contender with its loophole exploiting coanda exhaust layout, would definitely pass scrutiny by the FIA and stewards is reported to be rethinking his design of the new car.

Sky Broadcasting's pit reporter, Ted Kravitz has reported that, "Charlie Whiting was here yesterday. He went to Williams and had a quiet word in their ear that they might want to take that exhaust solution off. We dont expect it to reappear given the FIA's stance on that."

Both Williams drivers were very happy with the balance of the new car during its first outing in Barcelona and were showing good pace on the long runs. Clubbed with the fact that they were experiencing better tyre wear than most teams, they were looking to challenge for wins from the first race in Australia. They were the only team to have started the winter testing with last years car, but it seemed to have paid off since they had a benchmark to compare the 2013 tyres with. 
It remains to be seen if the car will perform as well at the final test in Barcelona, after they lose the downforce generated by their clever coanda exhaust layout. 

With the target of this weeks test said to be gauging performance and getting the most out of the cars who do you think will be the fastest?

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