Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Karthikeyan good enough for Force India?

The main backers for Narain Karthikeyan, the Tata group, are said to have increased his sponsorship package in an attempt to tempt Force India to hire their first Indian driver. "The fact remain, right now there is no Indian driver good enough for Formula 1" ,is what team co-owner and boss Vijay Mallya had to say in 2009. But with the current cash crunch being felt up and down the paddock, they might just offer up the last remaining seat on the grid to the Indian.

There has already been an offer from Force India to Narain's management, offering him the role of reserve driver for 2013. But with the limited driving possibilities for third drivers, he is believed to have rejected the offer and if necessary will look to America and the Indy series for a racing seat.


  1. honestly i think its better if NK goes to USA for Indycar. I belive being in SFI he wont be able to do much more than he already tried with HRT

  2. He had his chance in Indianapolis. He blew it. That's it.

    It might be a cruel thing to say, but that was his moment, and those moments come by all too rarely in a sport this fiercely competitive.

    At this point, he is a pay driver. There are others for sure, so by that reasoning he might "deserve" a place, but I doubt we will ever get the chance to find out how he would do in a really competitive Formula1 car ever again.