Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fernando cycles in the deserts of Dubai while Ferrari feel the heat in Jerez

While Ferrari try and sort out their overheating problems at Jerez, their number 1 driver tweeted images of himself cycling around the deserts of Dubai. He decided to sit out on the first test and focus instead on high intensity training before getting into his car, next week at Barcelona.

He justified the decision saying that the first test was more to ensure that all things were bolted together properly and it was only at the second test that they would be measuring performance. He wanted to use the little time in between to ensure he was as fit as possible before getting into the car.

Niki Lauda has questioned the decision saying he cannot understand why he would want to sit out a test session, given there are so few. 

Massa will complete his testing duties today, before Pedro de la Rosa takes over tomorrow. Pedro's signing has been seen as Alonso's growing influence on the decision making back at Maranello, considering they shared a good relationship when Pedro was the test driver for Mclaren and Fernando drove for them in 2007.


  1. After last year's performance, he's earned the right to get a foot massage from his entire engineering team as he waits for them to get the damn car fixed.