Thursday, June 16, 2011

Montreal 2011 - Brilliant Button, Hamilton at it again!!!!

I always thought that Jenson Button won the 2009 championship because he had the double diffuser Brawn underneath. But his drive this Sunday to come back from 21st after his clash with Alonso gave me new respect for the English lad. Of course it would not have happened without the safety car that had to come out to rescue Alonso's beached Ferrari, and the next one after Heidfeld's (lucky to be alive) crash. But everything said and done, he reeled Vettel in and pressured him into a mistake like only a World Champion can.

I feel bad for Vettel, considering he drove a flawless race up until that fateful mistake at turn 06. He did not put a foot wrong, he did not slip up even once during the forty five restarts, he ensured he built up enough of a gap each time he had to run away from the cars behind him, but he did put one wheel on the wet & slippery stuff and he did lock his rear wheels when he had the silver arrows of one Jenson Button shooting towards him, right into his rear view mirrors.

Coming to the topic of our little rowdy crash star Lewis Hamilton - What is up with the dude? Considering he wanted to put Monaco behind him and maybe get a good result to silence his critics with a clean drive, he started off in classic looney style tapping Webber into a spin. It totally slipped his mind that he was right behind Button when they started moving towards the pit wall to get the right line into the first corner. His ballsy drives actually only end up being spectacular when the other car in the battle brakes or moves out of the way. When they dont move out of the way all he can do is drive into them and it is either him or them out of the race. I half agree with him, when it comes to his style of racing and the fact that he would like to be seen as a purist. But his purist attitude is clouding his grasp on reality and he seems to think he is now driving "Gran Tourismo 5" in arcade mode with damage control off. Wonder if he has knocked a couple of screws loose in that "black" head of his, considering the amount of crashes he has been involved in!

I must mention the double DRS failed me this weekend. The driver behind could use the DRS down the last straight leading into the chicane and start finish stretch. He could continue using it down the start finish and build up a bigger lead even though he had overtaken the car ahead before the last chicane. If the stewards had allowed the overtaken car to use the DRS down the main straight then it could have made for a lot more excitement. The method employed allowed the driver behind to get away after overtaking the guy in front.

The way the DRS was planned affected Schumacher more than anyone else, who drove a brilliant race. With the wet weather equalizing the field it allowed the rain maiester to step his game up and show us glimpses of the past. Of course once the dry line was prominent around Montreal he could not do too much to keep Webber and the fast charging Button behind him. He was running a high downforce setup which might have helped him get upto where he did, but he has shown us the magic that we were so used to seeing fortnight after fortnight, and I cant wait for more!!

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