Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Team Caterham Lotus

Tony Fernandes and his Team Lotus are in the news again, this time for buying out British car maker, Caterham Cars. Caterham is the Surrey based company that manufactured lightweight and affordable sports cars, including the incredibly agile and successful "Seven", which was designed by legendary Lotus founder Colin Chapman in 1957.

This announcement has come amidst the wait for the decision after the court battle between Group Lotus, the Proton owned company that owned the rights to the Lotus name, and Team Lotus Enterprise which has seen its relationship with the former deteriorate after a successful first year in Formula 1. Group Lotus has joined forces with the former Renault team in a bid to move further up the grid with the French manufacturer.

Team Lotus Enterprise, which is the parent company to the F1 racing team, now owns the Caterham brand and can now call themselves manufacturers and not just one of the "New Teams" who entered the sport after the failed budget cap. Fernandes hails Caterhams "less is more" ideologue and has promised that we will see the name Caterham in the sport sooner rather than later. My bet is that Team Lotus are not very confident of the verdict in the Lotus-gate case, and are expecting the result to go against them.

Either way, their purchase of Caterham will do both quite a bit of good, in terms of engineering support, branding and reputation. Caterham's car division will continue to be run by Managing Director Ansar Ali and Team Lotus Enterprises will provide Caterham Cars the "platform to apply its philosophy of adding lightness to exciting new models for the 21st century".

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