Friday, March 25, 2011

"Red Bull just a drinks firm" - says Mclaren's golden boy.

Lewis Hamilton has gone on record to say that "Red Bull is just a drinks firm" - He believes that Mclaren has more of a racing heritage than Red Bull, which is just a drinks company. He seems to forget that this "drinks company" was, at times last year, and most probably will be this year as well, almost a full second faster than him and his teammate in their teams car with heritage as old as his "daddy's high school teacher".

A team that has existed for 6 years has obliterated a team that has been at the forefront of Formula1 for more than 3 decades, and Lewis Hamilton has the nerve to say that Red Bull has no racing heritage and that means they cannot build a long record of success. This comes from a World Champion that only became World Champion because Timo Glock ran out of fuel on the last lap of the last race of the season. Lewis Hamilton only became World Champion out of sheer luck, and most importantly in a car that was designed by Adrian Newey, who is the architect of the Red Bull Racings World Championship winning car. If Adrian Newey had designed the Mclaren in 2010, he could have won. Basically, almost anyone who would have driven Adrian Newey's car in 2010 would have won. So anyone who drove Lewis Hamiltons World Championship winning 2008 Mclaren would have won. What does that say about Mclaren's racing heritage and their being a championship winning team many times over??????

Lewis Hamilton, should first try to prove to the us, what he can do with a car which is not the best of the field. He has never had to do what Mark Webber did in a Minardi (5th in Melbourne, his first race), what Schumacher did at Spa (7th on the grid in 1991, in a Jordan, on his debut), what Alonso did in a Mindardi (quite a few top 10 finishes in the slowest car of the year), or what Vettel did in a Torro Rosso (formerly Minardi Racing team) at Monza in 2008 (his and the teams first win). He has been served his career in Formula 1 on a platter, although I must admit he does have talent. But he just has not earned his drive in a top team like most World Champions have.

He will never be a great driver - He will always remain a talented driver, but then so will I !!!!!

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  1. You enjoyed that, didn't you? :-)

    Wonder what prompted Hamilton's comment. He's been extremely careful so far with the press, like almost all modern sports celebrities - anything he says is almost sanitized, that's how careful he is with his words.

    To be honest, I like Hamilton's style in the car. He's aggressive, he pushes the vehicle hard, and is not afraid of getting into a scrap irrespective of track position. His car-to-pit radio snippets are pretty entertaining too. :-)

    Yes, he hasn't had to battle his way to a top drive within F1, but you're being a little harsh when you say that he has been handed his set without earning it. Ron Dennis is a pretty scary judge of talent, and whatever made him sign on a young Hamilton and groom him for F1, it has to have been something he saw on track, in whatever series Hamilton was racing in at the time.

    Whether he is great or not, time will tell. F1 is pretty cyclical, so I expect to see a period of McLaren ascendancy soon. Hamilton should still be around when that happens, and should be placed well to win more titles. Ultimately, the driver still has to get the car across the line to become champion, and if he can do som multiple times, he will have staked his claim to greatness.